Prescription drugs

After watching ‘Prescription Thugs’ and reading ‘Top pro and Con Quote’ the pharmaceutical  Companies only care about how much money they actually make. for example in the movie they kept talking about how easy it was to actually get these pills for example they said you can literally go to your doctor and tell them you cant focus and they will prescribe adderall for you because like they said who are the doctors to say how you feel. Also you can go on craigslist and but any type of you pills you want. But some pro sides of these pills are there are actual people out there that needs these drugs for there pain and the problems that they have, They make the pain go away and its all good. Its until people start abusing them is when it starts to become a problem. In the Movie the main persons brother died during making the movie from these drugs because he was abusing them and at the end of the day ll that poison got to him and sadly he passed away. But another Thing that was shocking is when he admitted that he was still abusing these drugs during the movie so they stopped the whole movie production some could go to rehab. Once he got back from rehab he explained why he didn’t tell anyone and it was because he didn’t really have a choice they already gave him the money for the documentary so he had to do it.

athletes get paid to much

What is your social issue? my social issue is Athletes get paid to much money 

Why is it such a social issue?  What do people disagree about in relation to this topic? because the athletes make millions of dollars and there so many poor people in the world. they disagree with how much money they actualy make. 

What is your proposed solution?  Why do you think this is the best solution? I think the best solution for this is to maybe cut the wages just a little bit and give some of that money for the people that actual need it and are starving around the world. 

What are pros to your solution? the pros are that the athletes who get paid these huge payments are the best at what they do and no one else can really do what they do in there respected sports. 

What are cons to your solution? many people feel like these huge wages that they get like for example they get million dollar contracts and sometimes they get millions for just sitting on the bench. 

Any questions to your audience members for help on your topic? (Need to post at least 2 questions)

do you believe they make to much money.

where should the extra money go

Black History Month

Ryan Coogler was born on May 23, 1986 in Oakland, California, USA as Ryan Kyle Coogler. He is a director and writer, known for Creed, Fruitvale Station and Black Panther. Coogler’s first feature-length film, Fruitvale Station , tells the story of the last 24 hours of the life of Oscar Grant, who was shot to death by a police officer at Oakland’s Fruitvale BART station on January 1, 2009. The film was developed and produced by Oscar-winning actor Forest Whitaker. Ryan Coogler attended California State University Sacramento, USC School of Cinematic Arts, and Saint Mary’s College of California. Before making his name as a big director, he directed short films. While at USC School of Cinematic Arts, he directed movies like Locks, Fig, The Sculptor and Gap. Lock won the Dana and Albert Broccoli Award for Filmmaking Excellence, Fig was nominated for outstanding Independent short film and Gap won Jack Nicholson award for achievement in Directing. Ryan Coogler is married to Zinzi Evans. We have no detail information about his wife but what we know is that she is an assistant director and producer. So far the couple have no children. Ryan Coogler’s 2018 estimated net worth is $4 Million, up from $4 Million in 2017 with estimated 2017-2018 earnings, salary, and imcome of .

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top 3 best super bowl commercials




the purpose of the commercial was to  persuade people and entertain them because it showed the actual product a lot but also showed some history of it that can persuade you to but one like family history. the stance is showing how important history is and to stick to something your family has. people who drink

The purpose of this commercial to entertain the people because it was funny the whole time. the stance is doritos and MTN dew kinda versing each other but in a positive way. the audience is anyone who eats junk food or watches game of thrown.

This commercial is mostly to entertain and inform. the message is there device is getting sick and someone will replace it. people who own one or anyone because there a lot of big names in the commercial.

Social Issues in the United States

I choose the topic of Should states be allowed to display the Confederate flag on government property. It was very inserting to see how different ethnicity’s viewed this and there thoughts on it. Well first of all in the over all vote it was 50 50 which wasn’t to much of a shocker because we saw how the trump election came out there were so many people who voted for him. Also in Illinois  it was 44% yes and 56% no, people in Illinois are in the Midwest so it makes sense how close the percentages are.  Next we have the different ethnicity’s, First we will start with white. In there poll 53% yes and 47%no. next is black, 48% said yes and 52% said no. Asian people said 39% yes and 61% no. as you can tell the only ethnicity that had more votes saying yes then votes saying no was White people. Every other ethnicity had more no’s. Also less then 25K a year said 48% yes and 52% no. and over 200k a year  40% said yes and 60% said no. The difference in money as you can see in the polls made an actual difference. for education people with a high school diploma voted 53% yes and 47% no. and people with a doctorate degree voted 39% yes and 61% no.



I choose these words because i feel like  they really reflect  the type of person i am and who the type of person i’m trying to become. Also i choose the soccer ball because its the sport i play and I’ts where i’ve accomplished the the most things in my life so far.


10 tips on commenting

1. never say something personal

2. always think before you say something

3. try and be helpful

4. be careful

5. keep in mind it will stay there forever

6. sometimes you cant delete something you say

7. schools will look at your social media

8. many people will look at that

9. don’t post during class

10. never say your location

Black History Month

I feel like this is a pretty good video cause it actually taught me something new. Carter G. Woodson was the person who actually invented it, It started of as black history week and so many people liked it so they started making clubs. but once enough people started celebrating it they changed it to black history month. But it didn’t become official by out government till like 5 years later. But he said one day he hoped we stopped celebrating it because it started because he felt like his people weren’t getting enough credit and there for started celebrating but he hoped one day people would give his people enough credit and they would stop black history month. i mean that makes sense he started it to get attention but to this day we still celebrate it. I think what he did was a great idea but the sad part is that he wanted it to stop and to prove it not black history but american history. Maybe one day Americans will realize it’s american history not black history. when they first started the begging of the black history week it said that it actually made people realize his people.

Play-Doh creation

I created a soccer ball because it means a lot to me. Since i was about 5 years old I’ve been playing soccer. i played for the park district then when i was 6 i got scouted for a travel team then that team got bought by Chicago magic so then i moved team from team. I won 2 state cups and even went to nationals in North Carolina. My freshman year i made  JV then my sophomore year i was a starting varsity player. Soccer has helped me through out my life. also its brought the most happiness and the most pain in my life. for example when i went to nationals it was the best thing ever i felt so proud and it was so fun. but when i tore my meniscus during a game it was so much pain i thought i was done. Its also taught me life lessons. like no matter what happens you always gotta get up and keep working for your dream. Also it has created some great relationships with some great people that i consider my brothers and great coaches that i could talk to and look up too. soccer has showed me how to be disciplined and patient. I also feel like its the hardest sport to learn and to play. like in football ball you can literally just be big and block. but in soccer every position you need to have so much skill if you wanna play at a high level. Right now I’m injured but for the best 5 years I’ve been playing Premier 1 soccer and that’s the second highest soccer league in all Illinois.